The Konami code is an old school cheat code used in many games. 

To complete the game, find all keys in the Konami code and activate them. In addition to the Konami code, some shorter key combinations will trigger other cheats.

Do you want a challenge? Make a speedrun and aim to make it to the top 10 list. The highscores are only avaialble if you play the game from this url: 


Creators of the game:

Code and game idea:
Therese trito Andersson - Game created in Godot and GDScript. Java backend API for highscores.

Main graphics created by Loke (who is only 9 years old). Some graphic elements by trito. 

Titel music custom made by Mehdi Foroozandeh:

Free assets:
In game music by ChillMindscape:

Some graphic elements ar remakes from

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